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Am Kurs teilnehmen


A warm Welcome

Welcome to the WhatsApp Christian Faith Course. It will take you on a one-year journey through the Word of God. In small, daily portions, we will explore the foundations of the Christian faith together.

Nächster Start: 1. August
Download: Flyer


Der Whatsapp-Glaubenskurs wird in verschiedenen Sprachen angeboten und nach Möglichkeit laufend in weitere Sprachen übersetzt.

Momentan verfügbar: Deutsch, Griechisch, Serbisch
In Vorbereitung: Englisch


The WhatsApp Christian Faith Course starts in early August. The entire course consists of 250 short lessons. For one year, you will receive a daily WhatsApp message from Monday through to Friday. We will take a two-week break over Christmas and New Year.


Each week is dedicated to a different theme. Larger themes are spread over two or more weeks. During the odd weeks we will deal with a theme of a more doctrinal nature. During the even weeks, a topic with practical applications will be covered. An overview of the different topics can be found here.

Download: Themenübersicht

On our journey we want to read Scripture and listen to what God has to say. The selected Bible verses are summarized with a short explanation at the end of the lesson.

At the end of each message you will also find a small section entitled “Did you know ...?” It guides you through the whole Bible throughout the year by providing a few selected facts. After all, it can't hurt to know the most important people, places or events around the Word of God.


Save the number ...


... on your own mobile phone in the contacts (otherwise, messages sent via a broadcast list cannot be received later).

To register, send a WhatsApp with your first name, last name, place of residence and the word "registration" to the above number. Your number will be kept confidential and will not be visible to other students.

Questions and concerns regarding the content of the course will be answered at any time!

For more information contact: xxx

Eine Abmeldung vom Kurs ist während des ganzen Jahres möglich. Nach Abschluss des Kurses werden sämtliche Daten (Nummer, Name und Chat) wieder gelöscht.